Terms & Conditions

1. General provisions

1.1. Upon its approval by the Buyer (i.e. after the Buyer familiarizes him- or herself with this agreement and ticks the box next to the statement ‘I fully agree with terms of service and delivery rules’), this Purchase and Sale Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Agreement’) shall become a binding legal document that sets out the Parties’ rights and obligations, delivery terms, liability, and other provisions relating to the goods’ purchase and sale via online store all4key.com.

1.2. The Seller reserves the right to change, amend or supplement the Agreement at any time, having regard to the statutory requirements.

1.3. The online store all4key.com sells goods worldwide.


2. Exchange of information

2.1. The Seller shall send all messages and notifications to email specified in the Buyer’s registration form.

2.2. The Buyer shall send all messages and questions via means of communication specified by the Seller in the online store’s ‘Contacts’ section.


3. Conclusion of the Purchase and Sale Agreement

3.1. The Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller shall enter into force from the moment the Buyer select the item(s) purchased and clicks the ‘Confirm order’ button.

3.2. Each Purchase and Sale Agreement made and entered into by and between the Buyer and the Seller shall be stored in the all4key.com database.


4. Data security

4.1. To order goods at the online store all4key.com, the Buyer must register on this website by entering his or her login and password. By confirming this Agreement the Buyer agrees to receive information necessary to place orders to his or her specified email address and phone number.

4.2. When ordering, please be sure to specify your correct personal data: name, surname, delivery address, email, and phone number. The online store all4key.com hereby undertakes not to disclose the Buyer’s personal information to any third party, except the Seller’s partners providing the delivery and other services related to the proper implementation of the Buyer’s order. In any and all other cases, the Buyer’s personal information may only be disclosed to the third parties under the procedure established by the RL legislation.


5. The Buyer’s rights

5.1. The Buyer has the right to purchase goods at the online store all4key.com in accordance with procedures established by this Agreement.


6. The Buyer’s obligations

6.1. The Buyer undertakes to pay for the goods and accept them in accordance with the procedure specified herein.

6.2. The Buyer undertakes not to transfer their login information to any third party. Should the Buyer lose their login information, he or she must immediately notify the Seller.

6.3. Should there be any changes in the Buyer provided personal information (i.e. phone number, place of residence, etc.), he or she must immediately update those or report to the all4key.com administration using the contacts in the online store.

6.4. While using all4key.com, the Buyer undertakes to conform to this Agreement and other conditions specified in the online store.


7. The Seller’s rights

7.1. Should the Buyer attempt to undermine the online store’s work safety and stability, or breaches his or her obligations, the Seller has the right to suspend or restrict the Buyer’s access to the online store or revoke the Buyer's registration immediately and without notice.

7.2. In the event of serious circumstances, the Seller may temporarily suspend or terminate all of the online store’s activities without prior notice to the Buyer.

7.3. The Seller has the right to cancel the order without prior notice to the Buyer if the Buyer chooses payment methods provided in paragraph 9.2. hereof but fails to pay for the goods within two (2) working days.


8. The Seller’s obligations

8.1. The Seller undertakes to provide the Buyer with the opportunity to use the online store all4ps.com  services under these rules and conditions specified by the online store.

8.2. The Seller undertakes not to disclose the Buyer’s personal information provided in the online store’s registration form to any third party with the exception of cases established by the Republic of Lithuania laws.


9. Payment methods, rules and terms

9.1. The prices’ currency at the online store all4key.com and in the order form is optional, i.e. it may be indicated in Lithuanian Litas, Euro, Polish Zloty

9.2. The Buyer undertakes to pay for the goods using the system paysera.com  or paypal.com.


10. Delivery of goods

10.1. The Buyer hereby undertakes to specify the exact  email address and living location.

10.2. The goods (codes ) will be sent to buyers specified email and will be available to see on all4ps.com website after login.

10.3. In all cases, the Seller shall be exempted from liability for breach of terms of goods’ delivery if the goods shall not be delivered to the Buyer or delivered out of time through the Buyer’s own fault or due to the Buyer dependent circumstances.


11. Liability

11.1. The Buyer shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of their personal data. Should the Buyer fail to provide accurate data in the registration form, the Seller will not be liable for the resulting consequences.

11.2. The Buyer shall be responsible for their actions carried while using this e-store.

11.3. The Buyer shall be responsible for the transfer of their login information to any third party. If a third party uses the all4key.com services using the Buyer's login data, the Seller shall consider such party the Buyer.

11.4. The Seller shall be exempt from any liability in case of loss that may stem from the fact that the Buyer, regardless of the Seller’s recommendations and their commitments, did not familiarize itself with these rules, even though such option was granted.

11.5. In case of damage, the guilty Party shall compensate to the other Party for its direct losses.


12. Exchange and return of goods

12.1  We don’t accept goods (codes) back.


13. Final provisions

13.1. These rules and regulations have been made in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

13.2. The RL law shall be applied to any and all relations arising from these rules.

13.3. Any and all disputes arising from the implementation of these rules shall be resolved through negotiations. Should the Parties fail to reach mutual understanding, such disputes will be settled in accordance with the order established by the Republic of Lithuania law.

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